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Bring your designs & ideas to life with our array of wood-based manufacturing capabilities!

We can consistently make complex shapes quickly and accurately with our CNC machine, no matter what type of project you want to have completed or how many times you want to use the same design.

CNC Machine Capabilities

We use our CNC machine’s 5’x10′ working area to create a wide range of different products using 2D—mostly flat and sheet-based—materials such as sustainable plywood, solid wood, plastics, and acrylic. Thanks to its vacuum hold-down capabilities and automatic tool changing for the use of multiple bits for the same project, our CNC machine is capable of creating even the most complex designs.

Our 5 Point Guarantee

1 Satisfaction guarantee—Unhappy with your project? Let us find ways to make it right.

2 Genuine care and attention—We genuinely care about you and your project.

3 No surprises—No one likes to be unsure about how things will end up. We strive to make certain there are zero surprises right off the top. The only exceptions are the fun extras/gifts we love to include whenever possible.

4 Enthusiasm and positivity—We know projects can sometimes be stressful, so we always strive to keep things positive and to maintain enthusiasm through each element of the project process. Negativity and stress suck. We don’t like it, so why would anyone else?

5 Support—We will support you anyway we can. From design to material choices to unique challenges, we’re here for you. Everyone wants to feel cared for. We certainly do!

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