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Michael Young



778 840 0485

Red Seal Cabinetmaker

Stagecraft and Event Technologist


Michael has been designing and building in the Lower Mainland for over 10 years. He has built a wide range of projects for a wide range of people including 3-storey sets for theatre , futuristic cattle-prods for film, and XL sunglasses for live events.

Michael’s background is originally in acting, and his education among performing artists has given him great respect for the arts of stage and screen. Throughout his years of acting, he found that his real passion was behind the scenes. So he made the decision to focus on honing his skills through specialized education and practical skills training, which would allow him to work within the highly creative entertainment industries.

Working for organizers, producers and directors, Michael realized that in order to truly offer the best of himself, and his skills, he would need to create his own unique company. That was the spark for MJY Fabrication. It was born from a passion for creativity and high quality craftsmanship, and from a desire to bring ideas and dreams to life.


Doug Ennenberg

General Manager


778 928 9159

Theatre Actor

Community Organizer


Doug has been invested in the performing arts for most of his life. After earning an Acting Certificate from the National Theatre School of Canada and Jessie Nomination for acting in ‘The Events’ (Pi Theatre), he joined forces with Michael, and now enjoys supporting the theatre and film communities from behind the scenes. Doug bridges the gap between construction and creation, striving to communicate on both creative and practical levels, bringing care, attention and energy to every project and collaborator.